Home & Business Alarm Systems

We can offer traditionally wired systems as well as the new state of the art wireless systems, some with connections to your telephone line designed to dial programmed numbers to alert you, or other keyholders of an alarm activation at the protected premises.

All our new system installations have a one year full replacement guarantee with further maintenance / guarantee contracts available after the first year.

We can offer repairs and maintenance to most systems installed by other companies.


Sensors used can be P.I.R. movement detectors or P.I.R. pet immune detectors, vibration/shock sensors or magnetic contacts.

Any combination of these can be included in a system.

P.I.R. Sensors

Passive Infrared Detector – Monitors movement within the property by means of infrared.

Passive Infrared Pet Immune Detector – By means of electronic circuitry the PIR is made to ignore animals under a certain weight while still monitoring the area.


Vibration Sensors

Detects the vibration of either a window being smashed or a opening being forced, these detectors need careful installation to ensure correct operation.

Glass Sensors

Detects the braking of all standard glass types and thickness whilst ignoring non-framed glass and other possible sources of false alarms.

Magnetic Contacts

Magnetic contacts are used to monitor door and window openings.  They work well as a device that initiates the entry timer of the alarm when entering a property.

P.I.R. Sensor Information